Process of Application in Under Scrutiny

After Submitting the Application online your application goes through the Scrutiny Process then Fund Disbursement Process.

Application Under Scrutiny Process

In the Under Scrutiny Process Application will be check or verify by the Institue level and Department level. If they found a mistake in the application then they will send back the application to the student for correction with remarks.

Application Under Scrutiny Process
Application Under Scrutiny Process

Institue Level –

Institue level officer verifies all the details filled in the application by the applicant. he can Disapprove if he finds any wrong details or mistakes in the application.

Institute level Officer gives an Approval to the application after verifying all details. and forward that application to Department.

Department Level –

The department level officer also verifies the application and gives final approval to the application. Now the Approved application will go through the Fund Disbursement Process.

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